Have you ever found yourself spending hours upon hours trying to find why your financial records don’t reconcile? We know the feeling. That’s why we developed Rway Accounts Payable (AP).

Anyone who has ever tried to reconcile books has probably encountered this issue, resulting in frustration and many hours spent, trying to locate the exact entry that caused the problem in the first place. With Rway Accounts Payable you can avoid the hard work and headaches. Simply go to the reconcile tab where the entry is highlighted in the excel sheet and find the problematic entry.

Find discrepancies in a click!

Locating the origin of the discrepancy is just as frustrating. Usually you know there’s a problem because you can see the discrepancies between the ledgers, but you have no idea where the problem originates. It could be one entry or multiple entries. It could be something entered last week or eleven months ago. You have to go over every line and every entry in order to reconcile the ledgers. Rway AP will show you exactly where the discrepancy originates, so that you can correct it.

To see where the discrepancies are, just go to the reconcile tab where they will be highlighted. Then look at the data to see the reason for the discrepancy and where you need to go to correct the records. Resolve the problem, and re-run the report again to verify the data has been reconciled. Once verified, get the final output confirming your AP is reconciled to your GL.

Manage your suppliers and cash flow

Another advantage of Rway AP, is the ability to see prepayments and payments due collectively. See the complete picture of your obligations and future expenses. If you need a closer examination, you can filter the report to check the status of a specific supplier. You can run the report at any time of the month in order to track the cash flow and plan ahead according to the results.

Rway AP makes the reconciliation process faster and easier. Simply run the report and receive the reconciliation result in an Excel sheet.
Then resolve the differences and re-run it to verify its completeness. Rway AP is easy to use and easy to learn. In fact, accurate reconciliation has never been simpler.