Over 60% of the companies have discrepancies and problems in their Accounts Receivable reports. The Rway Accounts Receivable (AR) program helps locate the problematic invoices quickly and efficiently.

In a research that was conducted by Citibank in 2011 it was found that less than 40% of corporations have 80% or higher reconciliation rate in their Accounts Receivable reports. This means that every other company doesn’t know for certain how much money it makes. Don’t be a part of this embarrassing statistic. With Rway AR you can reconcile accurately and faster than ever.

Find those missing invoices!

The source of discrepancies can be errors caused by stuck invoices, invoices created with incorrect accounts, bypassing the sub ledger and inserting the entry straight to the general ledger, or accidently posting the transaction from another sub ledger. For the finance department this means hours of irritating work finding the missing or incorrect data.

Using Rway AR, discrepancies are revealed to you for simple reconciliation between Oracle AR and GL. The program alerts its user of any unattended invoices in the Oracle EBS R12 system, and enables a re-run to check if the steps taken have indeed solved the problem.

Keep track of your money!

Rway AR is easy to use. You can run it a few times a month to keep track of your expected payments and reduce the chances of frauds and erorrs. By saving the time on finding these discrepancies, you can spend more time in assessing the company’s profit and creating higher quality reports.

Try it! It’s easy to use!

The program is easy to implement. Only half an hour of DBA and you’re good to go. There is no need to use any other system but Excel and it is considerably less time consuming then alternative programs on the market.