Rway Apps features

Can I try the Rway apps products before purchasing?
We offer a free 30 day trial to try the features of our Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management or Fixed Assets programs.
All you need to do is to send us your oracle EBS applications link and we will send you your trial installation pack.
Do I have to purchase all of your products?
No. Although we offer the All-in-one package that provides the best time saving solution for the reconciliation process, you may choose to purchase each product separately.
Do Rway products update my Oracle data?
Rway reports do not update the standard Oracle EBS tables. While processing the data, we create additional tables where the analyzed data is stored. We do this to prevent any claims for damage liability on the Oracle EBS system.
Do Rway products support different languages?
Yes! Our products process data from Oracle EBS R12. The reports are displayed using the language that your system is based in.
Is there a limit to the amount of times I can run reports?
No, you can run the reports as many times as wish. We recommend that our clients run our products at least once before the final due date, in order to avoid bugs in the Oracle E-Business Suite that might delay the report.

In addition, you can also schedule an automatic run of the query, as many times as you’d like for your convenience.

How can I schedule the report to run automatically?
Rway products include a concurrent program that can set up automatic runs. You can schedule it via the concurrent manager of your Oracle EBS.

The Reconciliation Process

Is the reconciliation done on the entered or accounted currency?
The reconciliation in Rway Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable is done both in entered and accounted currencies. In Rway Cash Management the reconciliation is done in the bank currency, and in Rway Fixed Assets the process is done in accounted currency.
Do Rway products provide answers for all differences and discrepancies?
Yes! Our technology for detecting the source of discrepancies is patent pending since it’s so accurate and reliable. Our products provide explanations and quality control for the discrepancies and the reconciliation.

If your Oracle EBS version was updated to R12 from earlier versions, you may see unexplained differences. When encountering those, please contact our customer support team.

Can I run a report from a year ago?
You can run reports from previous periods, starting from the day the Oracle EBS was installed, without any limitation. This feature is just another reason why Rway products are so beneficial: you can compare financial status between different periods and gain additional insight and information about your business.
My company has made customizations in the reconciled modules. Can it be a problem?
In general, Rway products should not be affected by the customizations.
What is the average run time for a report?
The run time of the report depends on the amount of data that you have. But from our experience and client feedback, we can say with certainty that the run time is faster than the alternatives.
If you already have another oracle reconciliation app, we invite you to test the performances yourself with our 30 days free trial!

Supported software

Which Oracle versions do Rway products work with?
Rway products work with Oracle E-Business Suite, version R12.
Will Rway support Oracle Applications upgraded from R11 version?
Rway will run on the upgraded applications. In some cases additional steps may be needed to identify all the discrepancies in prior-to-upgrade period.
Are future Oracle upgrades supported by Rway products?
All upgrades in Oracle EBS R12 are supported. And we keep our products up to date with newer versions.
Does Rway support all Excel versions?
Yes! Our reports are compatible to various Microsoft Excel versions. If for any reason you encounter compatibility issues, contact us and we will resolve them immediately.
Can I add fields to the Excel sheets?
Yes, your IT personnel can add fields to the sheets by using PLSQL code. If you need any guidance our customer support team can help.
Can I remove fields from the Excel sheets?
No, you cannot remove fields from the Excel sheets.

Technical Issues

Do I need to install a client?
The program is installed on the server and there is no need for client installations. Once installed, it becomes an integrated part of your Oracle Applications.
Is it difficult to install?
No, it’s a one-time installment on the server, which takes less than an hour. We can guide your IT person through the installation process.
Is there a limit to the use of Rway apps within the company?
As long as it’s the same server IP, there is no limitation to the amount of clients that can run the reports.

Support Center

Do you provide customer support?
Of course! You can contact us through our website, by email, phone or via social media.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Want additional information? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily answer any question.