There are more than 15 reasons for discrepancies in cash management, some can be traced back to technical reasons and others are due to human error. Rway Cash Management (CE) can eliminate those discrepancies and make reconciliation a much easier process!

Before closing the books you need to locate and identify the discrepancies in your ledgers and sub ledgers and find their origins. This reconciliation process is time consuming and can be very frustrating, which is exactly why we have created Rway Cash Management (CE).

Say goodbye to bank separation!

Unlike other programs, Rway CE does not require keeping your different bank records separate. Rway CE knows how to handle several financial sources and present them in one Excel sheet. Need data from a specific bank record? Just filter the report and get your results quickly.

Rway CE can identify incompatible transactions, incorrect dates, inconsistencies between due date and actual transaction, transaction cancelation when month ends and even mismatched lines in bank statements.

Keep it accurate and fraud free!

Rway CE can be used to safeguard against embezzlement and fraud. The simple open user platform, as opposed to complex licensed programs, allows anyone in the Finance Department to run it and get the exact same report.

With its simple to run reports why wait to the end of the period? Simply run it when you choose and keep up to date. With Rway bookkeeping is now simple, accurate and easy.

Make better use of resources!

Using the Rway CE means a reduction of up to 4 working days a month, saving time and allowing staff to work on other assignments. Rway enables you to produce reports of the highest quality, in less time and with more precision.

Rway CE works with Oracle EBS R12 and delivers data in spreadsheets. After fixing the discrepancies, you can re-run Rway CE to make sure everything reconciles.  It’s easy to implement and use, and guaranteed to save you time.