Rway was established with the intent of providing a complete convenient solution for the finance department in an organization.

Save 4 days, every month

Each month, an average of 4 days are wasted on data collection and finding discrepancies. Thanks to the combination of deep knowledge of the area and a patent-pending technology, Rway allows you to close the reconciliation process of the books in only one day.

The company offers its customers solutions to problems with the four main reports: Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cash Management (CE) and Fixed Assets (FA).

More accurate than ever

With Rway it is easy to check for errors, omissions and discrepancies, allowing for an easy streamlined process. Rway’s solutions combine together important data, locate discrepancies and their origin, and alert regarding actions that cancel each other and might appear suspicious.

The system meets the ITGC SOX guidelines, and decreases the chance of errors and fraud when submitting the reports. The time saved allows the finance department to submit better reports, and the work process becomes smart, efficient and safer than ever.

Simplicity is its sophistication

With Rway application you are 4 simple steps away from having your books reconciled:

  • Run
  • Resolve
  • Reconcile
  • Re-run

Our main advantage is our all in one solution, covering each report from every aspect. There is no need to add data from several reports, with Rway you receive all the data you need for reconciliation in one file.