Rway Fixed Assets (FA) program, offers you a fast and easy solution to handle your Fixed Assets. Get your full assets’ lifecycle organized in one Excel sheet.

Every company has to know how its assets are being used and who is using them. There is simply no room for error. Only a reliable record can provide the company with this essential data that would depict what assets it holds, where they are and how they have changed over time.

Track your Fixed Assets quickly and accurately!

Having an accurate fixed assets lifecycle and reconciliation is crucial to any organization, but accomplishing it can be tough work. The data for different assets is located in different places, and arranging the data from the Oracle EBS reports can take hours of work.

Whether an asset has been moved, sold, or changed, needs to be reflected in the data.  If that isn’t enough, in most cases inaccuracies will accumulate over time: Inaccuracies due to misclassification, adjustments and more. These “minor” changes make it extremely difficult to produce the most relevant and updated reports.

Rway FA collects the data from Oracle EBS tables, and presents all the assets and their lifecycle in one organized Excel sheet. Rway FA generates highly accurate reports, simplifying the process and saving time and money.

Have a plan for the future!

Rway FA enables you to run reports and compare the changes in your Fixed Assets reports over time. Upon deciding whether to sell, lease, or perhaps buy more assets, a company relies most on the accuracy of the fixed asset report. That’s how Rway FA helps its users tostrategically plan for the future use of their assets.