RXL – Customized Reports For Oracle ERP

In order to customize & develop a new report in Oracle ERP you’ll need to invest hours of work and manpower.

RXL offers you a cost effective alternative: create your custom reports in just few minutes, using only Oracle query.


Build Custom reports in Minutes!

Oracle ERP enables you to gather, process and analyze large amounts of data. But each time you need to  create customized and segmented reports, a lot of time and resources are invested in the process:

  • Configuring the report specifications
  • Composing the Oracle query that will segment the report
  • Hiring an Oracle developer to write the code

The process of creating a single report might take up to a week,  require the work of at least 2 different people, and sum up to x hours of work and y dollars.

RXL Enables you to create custom reports without coding, using only Oracle query, and have your report ready in just few minutes!


Get results faster while saving money!

As Oracle ERP users, we know that you need various reports throughout the year. Up until now developing a new report could be stressful: Sometimes the demands come on a short notice, other times you find yourself waiting in the queue for development. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

RXL is an easy to use & implement Oracle application. RXL enables you to get the reports you need, easily and on time: Just write the Oracle query that retrieves the desired data, use RXL Sheet and get the data you need, easily and quickly.

RXL changes the experience of creating a new report – from a task that requires scheduling and investing  resources and time, to an integral part of your toolkit you can use any time you need to.


Easily customize your reports

With RXL you can create a wide range of reports according to your needs:

  • Add one or more queries to a single report
  • Use unlimited number of queries
  • Configure settings for reports, such as auto sending to your email
  • There is no limit to the amount of data processed & displayed in the reports


Give RXL a go!

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